3 Keys to a Powerful Jab

In this boxing instructional video we go over three critical concepts to getting power in your jab.
1. Get to your ideal distance
2. Accelerate and relax as you punch
3. Get your whole body into the shot

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The Ultimate Skip Rope

Karate and Learning Diabilites

Tale of somebody with a learning impairment. exactly how I over came the handicap

Kill or Get Killed! (NLP? Zen? Blood and Snot?)

we have an obligation to our trainees and to ourselves to reduce through the imaginary, presupposed waste that shadows our pursuit of martial arts ability … often with a significant change in viewpoint!

The Kenshiro Abbe 50th Celebrations

A tribute to the epic Budo master Kenshiro Abbe Sensei 1915 – 1985.

Will You Be the Victim of a Violent Assault? – Take the Test

Physical violence is on the rise throughout the world. Whenever a city reaches a population of one million people criminal offense as well as specifically fierce criminal activity blows up. How adept are you at avoiding becoming a sufferer? Take this quick test to discover out … sharifcrish. Despite your martial arts design or technique … rate is critical for success in competitors as well as self-defense. Sharp reflexes are frequently the sole difference between winning and also losing a physical confrontation.

The 7 Keys to Martial Arts Speed

eMediaCampaigns! lately shared a few moments with Dr. Stan Harris as part of the OnTheMove! interview series. Dr. Stan Harris is an entrepreneur, licensed behavior expert, 10th Degree Black Belt, as well as inductee the “Black Belt Hall of Popularity.”

Dr. Stan Harris – On The Move!

In Component 1 of this short article we got to the point where it was established that you could be challenged by a determined, terrible individual with no cops or guard throughout view. What do you do? Exactly how can you be your own bodyguard? Continue reading … sharifcrish. Physical violence simmers in every city. It is simply below the surface area – anywhere. Simply stroll down the incorrect street, breakdown in your automobile in the wrong neighborhood, make an inappropriate statement or even check out someone the upside-down as well as you can be in a whole lot of trouble. So, what can YOU do to safeguard yourself?

Danger in the Streets – How to Be Your Own Bodyguard (Part 2 of 2)

When you begin educating martial arts or Self-defense you will certainly need the sufficient fighting styles of Self Protection equipment. Both sorts of equipment are various as well as you ought to know what to look for when buying martial arts or self-defense tools.

Danger in the Streets – How to Be Your Own Bodyguard (Part 1 of 2)

Martial Arts Sparring can be a fulfilling sporting activity both physically as well as mentally. Using the ideal safety equipment can make all the difference in an experts efficiency and also even the result of an occasion.

How to Select Your Martial Arts and Self Defense Equipment

The Japanese Samurai were warriors. Highly educated, knowledgeable and reliable killers. Without a doubt, for several years the Samurai were the unwritten law, a course of residents over all other than their Daimyo and also the imperial Shogun. The samurai populated and also wandered a land which was regulated by the sword, as well as the samurai were masters of the sword.

Martial Arts Sparring and Training Protective Equipment

A samurai’s sword is his most spiritual as well as valued possession. Not just did the samurai count on his sword to protect him, but spiritually the sword held higher significance as the samurai in fact thought his spirit populated the sword. Therefore it comes as no surprise that the very same discipline as well as respect in which the samurai possessed his sword, went right into the actual production of the sword itself.

Samurai – The Honourable & The Treacherous

Interesting Facts on Samurai Sword Manufacture

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