Anthony Joshua’s Top Boxing Combinations

We go over Anthony Joshua’s best boxing combinations. Add them to your arsenal or modify them for practical use in boxing. Anthony Joshua has combos very similar to Mike Tyson, so if you like Tyson you’ll like these combos. Here they are listed below.
0:34 Combo 1 – jab-overhand-left hook-right-range jab-overhand right
1:14 Combo 2 – jab-slip-shovel hook-l.uppercut-overhand-left hook
2:08 Combo 3 – left hook-right hook-left hook-r.uppercut-left hook
3:04 Combo 4 – duck-left hook-l.uppercut-overhand-left hook-right hook body
4:07 Combo 5 – Rock n’ Roll – right hand-double left hook-overhand
5:27 Combo 6 – jab-left hook (moving back) – then cross-shovel hook-left hook-overhand
6:43 Combo 7 – touch jab – then power jab-step back-jab-overhand
7:57 Combo 8 – jab body – step and drop uppercut-left hook-overhand

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