Develop Punching Power (Without Equipment)

Most beginners want to know how to increase their punching power… so I feel I have to open with this disclaimer:


That being said, if you feel your technique is properly developed, let’s discuss 5 ways to increase your punching power:

1. Rotational Torque
2. Leg Drive & Balance
3. Acceleration & Velocity
4. Impact
5. Technique


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Learn Ninjutsu – The Real Secret and Power of Ninjutsu is That It’s Not Limited to the Martial Arts!

When many people assume of Ninjutsu – the art of the Ninja – they right away consider the fighting styles. And why would not they? But the Ninja’s arts go far past mere battling skills, or attempting to be some type of super warrior or unbeatable human battling maker. This article sheds some light on a side of the Ninja’s art that couple of no exists – including a number of the students as well as teachers already associated with the art!

Martial Arts Training – Training in the Dojo Vs Real Life Martial Arts Self Defense

Exactly how a martial artist reacts to a reality, self-defense encounter depends in huge part on their training in the dojo. If a concentrated initiative on learning as well as exercising the appropriate method to do a strategy is not applied, it will certainly not serve when required. The muscle mass memory will certainly not be readily available. This write-up will certainly review just how to get one of the most out of training.

Martial Arts Training – Is Less Really More When Learning Martial Arts Self Defense Techniques?

In a globe where it seems more is constantly much better, or favored, training for fighting styles self-defense can show simply the contrary. Extra technical knowledge does not constantly suggest one is prepared to defend themselves. In this post, we will review why in some cases much less implies extra.

Martial Arts Self Defense – Does Dojo Training Prepare Martial Artists For Real Life Self Defense?

Fighting style and also self-defense training needs various mindsets for various types of situations. The distinctions in between dojo training as well as road fighting are various. In this short article we will certainly take a look at several of the mental aspects of a reality protection circumstance.

Martial Arts and Self Defense Training – Consider the Worst Case Scenario in Martial Arts Training

Martial arts or self-defense training is simply that. Training. Yet what is one really training for? Is need to be to prepare for a the real world encounter. Many martial musicians, the good news is, have never ever required to use their obtained skills to really protect themselves. In this post we will look at scenarios where as well as when it matters most.

Martial Arts Training – Dealing With Contact in a Real Life Martial Arts Self Defense Situation

Just how does one stay clear of get in touch with if included in a self-defense circumstance on the street? The response is they probably will not. Being attacked on the street is normally fast and also vicious. You can not inform what an assailant might do. This write-up will certainly take a look at some numerous tendencies to stay clear of if attacked on the road.

How to Improve Your Judo Techniques by Shaping Your Body

When I initially began my judo training concerning 25 years ago I was obviously presented to the break drops, as takes place in all the dojos around the world. Then I began with my very first judo strategies, like o soto gari, ippon seoi nage, o goshi and more. However as it still takes place in mostly all the dojos worldwide I found out all the strategies by going into on the ideal side.

How Kung Fu Masters Enter the Cosmic Mind

There is an old fighting styles claiming, when the trainee is all set the master will certainly show up. Sounds neat, eh? You get so good that some ancient master bulges of the woodwork and also provides you the spiritual teaching!

Martial Arts – Belt Rankings in Jiu Jitsu

There are five significant groups of belt rankings in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The first belt position is white belt. As a white belt you are new to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu so you don’t have a whole lot of control. You are extremely hazardous to train with because of your absence of self-discipline. The second belt ranking is blue belt. Generally it takes about 2 years to earn a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu blue belt.

The Importance of Repetition in Jiujitsu

Repeating is a common approach of training in several martial arts and although several individuals will certainly tell you that repetition will certainly bring about the perfection of your techniques. This is only a half-truth. Yes, repeating IS necessary to develop correct technique however it has it’s limits.

Are You Guilty of Collecting Techniques?

The martial arts had at one point turned right into a collection of techniques. Where BJJ varies is that it emphasised and emphasized the performance of the methods not the quantity. Inevitably this is what all real fighting styles masters share, they have actually grasped and can use a handful of strategies and also not simply gathered an encyclopedia of steps.

What Does Karate Have That MMA Doesn’t?

The one downside of the increase of MMA and the UFC as well as their newly generated training facilities need to absolutely be the loss of most of the standard principals, worths and precepts typically instructed in the fighting styles. Commonly much of martial arts educating classes as well as specifically those for kids was based around instilling essential moral as well as worth principals in the expert so they can expand spiritually, ethically as well as physically as well as have the ability to use their training in the proper way once they were outside of the dojo walls.

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