Extreme Cardio Boxing Workout || 39 Exercises and 20 Boxing Combos || Burn 1,000 Calories

In this cardio boxing workout we mix boxing conditioning exercises and boxing combinations. This is a boxercise or boxfit style workout. There are 39 exercises in this workout and 20 boxing combos. This workout is challenging, you may want to just do the first set the first few times through. It might take a bit of time to learn the combos if you are new to boxing. The timestamps for Set 1 are below. Set 2 is the exact same as Set 1.
0:00 Intro
1:35 Jumping Jack’s
2:00 Shoeshine
2:25 Double jab-cross-lead hook 1-1-2-3
2:50 Push-ups
3:15 Speed bag
3:40 Jab-cross-duck-cross-lead hook 1-2 duck 2-3
4:05 Running knee ups
4:30 Pendulum w/ Jab
4:55 R.uppercut-lead hook-cross-lead hook 6-3-2-3
5:20 Standing Bicycle
5:45 Cross Punches
6:10 Jab-R.hook body-lead hook-R.uppercut 1-4b-3-6
6:35 Pop-ups
7:00 Jump squats
7:25 Cross-lead hook-slip-lead hook 2-3-slip-3
7:50 Side elbow to knee
8:15 Side elbow to knee
8:40 Cross-L.uppercut-overhand-lead hook2-5-8-3
9:05 Rockbacks
9:30 Plank Push-ups
9:55 Jab-lead hook-cross-shovel hook 1-3-2-7
10:20 Single Leg drive (R)
10:55 Straight Punches
11:20 Jab-cross-double lead hook 1-2-3-3
11:45 Single Leg drive (L)
12:10 Hook punches
12:35 1-6-2-5
13:00 Burpees
13:25 1-2 w movement
13:45 2-3-duck-3
14:10 Agility Step
14:35 Slip punch punch
15:00 1-2 shift 2
15:25 Imaginary Skip Rope
15:50 Side Lunges
16:15 3-7 duck 6
16:40 Mountain Climbers
17:05 Slip Line
17:30 1-8 dip 3
17:55 Lunge Pulse (R)
18:20 Lunge Pulse (L)
18:45 2-3-shift 7
19:10 Split Lunges
19:35 Twist Jumps
20:00 1-2b-3-4b
20:25 Floor Tricep Dips
20:50 Reach up Crunches
21:15 1-2 pull 2
21:40 Arm flutters
22:05 Quick run on spot
22:30 2-1-1-2
22:55 Hagler Crunches
23:20 Back Extensions
23:45 6-5-4-3
24:10 Open Arm Push-up
24:35 Alt Oblique Crunches
25:00 2-1-3-6
25:25 Bent over wall angels
25:50 Scissor Kicks
26:15 1-5-8-5
26:40 Cross Punches
27:05 Bicycle Kicks
27:30 Set 2 – Same as Set 1
54:13 Conclusion

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