How Mikey Musumeci Got The Fastest Submission In The History Of The IBJJF World’s Black Belt Finals

Learn how Mikey Musumeci got the fastest submission in the history of the IBJJF World’s Black Belt finals. A straight foot lock in just 12 Seconds.

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“Bernardo Faria is a 5x World Champion. Bernardo started training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Juiz de Fora – MG, Brazil at the age of 14 in 2001. After receiving the Black Belt from his first instructor Ricardo Marques in 2008, He moved to Sao Paulo to join BJJ legend Fabio Gurgel and his Alliance team. After many years of training and winning many major titles, Bernardo moved to NYC in 2013 to train and teach at Marcelo Garcia Academy. In 2015 Bernardo achieved his dream of winning the IBJJF World Championship Open class title and his division, doing the double Gold and becoming the 1st in the IBJJF Ranking and also chosen as the best athlete of 2015.

Bernardo Faria has now taken on the mission to share some of the lessons, techniques, experiences and more that he has learned along in his 16 years and counting as a BJJ student, teacher and world class competitor.

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CANI Represents Consistent As Well As Never Ever Finishing Improvement. Regardless if you are just starting your martial arts or fitness training or are currently on your means up the Mixed Martial Arts ladder, using the principal of CANI in your training you can guarantee you are continually operating in the ideal instructions for your objectives – to be the most effective you can be, or even the most effective there is.

What Is Mace and How Do You Use It?

Mace is a form of tear gas. Mace has been most commonly seen being utilized by law enforcement in troubles, jails as well as to restrain bad guys in the road, and now is commonly made use of both for self-defense by private citizens and also unfortunately by criminals as well as terrorists.

What Is the Best Type of Sword?

Martial musicians and warriors have argued this debate for decades – ‘what is the most effective kind of sword?’. Throughout background many types and designs of swords have actually been created and also mastered by different cultures. Most of the differing kinds as well as lengths of swords were created out of necessity as armor and defenses changed. Various other swords were born as a result of the kinds of materials and metals that were offered and the restrictions those materials provided.

How MMA Clothes Can Make Life Easier

This might feel like a joke at first, but this is for real. Wearing Mixed Martial Arts clothes can actually make your life simpler in numerous means.

Muscle Most Martial Artists Neglect: Feet!

Building more powerful feet is a lot more crucial than you believe. If you are a fighting styles specialist you may instantly think about damaging boards when constructing stronger feet is discussed.

How To Prepare Yourself For Your Upcoming MMA Fight

Finally after months or years of training and seeing the UFC you locate on your own scheduled for a battle of your very own, or perhaps you are just getting ready for local or championship games in your very own selected fighting styles design. So how do you finest prepare?

Get Army Fit For MMA!

The US Army as one of the leading combating pressures in the world has rigorous fitness standards not just for passing standard training yet likewise as part of on going testing to ensure a managed high degree of physical fitness. The US Army’s Fitness Test (likewise recognized as the PFT) consists of simply 3 standard workouts; push ups, rest ups and also running.

The Father Of MMA

Jeet Kune Do – ‘The Means of the Intercepting Clenched fist’ is the crossbreed martial at developed by the famous Bruce Lee as well as can be considered among the initial forms of Mixed Martial Arts for the means Bruce Lee included movements from a number of various combating systems. The complying with meeting with Tim Motter of the JKD Institute ought to provide you a bit more understanding into this fighting style type:


Considering that when humans learn to defend themselves (even prior to they discovered fire!), they have been continually upgrading their battling abilities (with weapons or freehand) as well as functioning harder at attaining the ideal mode of fighting. Martial arts like kickboxing, karate, and also kung-fu have actually become mainstream sporting activities today and there have been backers of the arts who have battled their way to the top (actually!).

Gameness GI

Since the beginning of fighting styles, correct garments was practically like a routine. It is still complied with the way our forefathers made and used them now are under some regulations as these have actually become extra of sports.

Should MMA Even Be Considered Self Defense?

it is the huge divide that divides the charm and class of fighting styles down the center. The distinction being those martial arts that exercise training as a sporting activity for strategy and also those that think that martial arts are to be utilized as an effective method of dealing with battle for real life circumstances.

How Get A MMA Gym’s Lowest Price!

If you have every been fascinated in joining a gym or martial arts college you have actually possibly been offered a ‘Totally free Pass’, in some cases this is an offer for a week or a month. However if you have ever before tried to take them up on it, you believe undergo an intense sales pitch that could conveniently last a hr up until the trainer or teacher has actually beaten you into submission to registering on a contract.

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