How to fight like RODTANG

What makes Rodtang Jitmuangnon THAT good? The #ONE Flyweight #MuayThai World Champion has over 300 matches and has proven to be an absolute juggerrnaut in his division. In this ONE Championship exclusive, Shane Fazen and Jackie Buntan breakdown 5 elite-level skills from “The Iron Man”:

1. Strong Eyes, Iron Chin (1:00)
2. Riding the Wave (1:35)
3. Ring Generalship (2:31)
4. Catching & Trapping Limbs (3:51)
5. Early Investments (4:45)

Tune into #ONEChampionship on Sunday, December 5 to watch Rodtang take on “Mighty Mouse” Demetrious Johnson in a “Special Rules Super-Fight” — alternating between Muay Thai and MMA rulesets! Mark your calendars now, so you don’t miss this historic event!

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Cracking The Martial Arts Code

The Obstacle. In life, we encounter lots of tough circumstances and also it’s how we handle difficulties that establish their end result and also our future. Having reduced self self-confidence and also inadequate technique can damage us. Not having the capability to stay concentrated and on task can additionally be a problem.

Mma-A Brief History

Regardless where mma stemmed from, no person can reject the surge this sport has seen, or the ability of these professional athletes. These are not brainless brawlers desiring to duke it out, they are competent contenders with a technique wishing to take on other skilled fighters. sharifcrish. When it involves self protection the heart of the specialist is more important than the fighting style itself … sharifcrish. When the Academy of Movement Photo Arts & Sciences does a Tom Hanks retrospective, I wish they pass promptly over the cute films, such as “Large” and also “The Burbs,” and also “Sleepless In Seattle,” enjoyable as they may have been. I assume they must cut straight to a montage of the difficult as well as gritty guys he has actually played in films like “Saving Private Ryan,” “Roadway To Perdition,” “Beauty 13,” as well as “Forrest Gump.” Did I simply say “Forrest Gump?” Yea, I did! ” I enjoy this movie, because the title character is typical of who a martial artist is, as well as what he does,” says Dr. Gary S. Goodman, very successful writer of 12 books, even more than 700 posts, leading speaker, as well as Black Belt in Kenpo Martial Arts. sharifcrish. On November 12th 1993 an American no holds barred “NHB” fighting styles tournament gotten in by the globe’s top martial artists revolutionized fighting styles permanently, permitting the growth of a new and premium combating design, referred to as “Mixed Fighting Style” (MIXED MARTIAL ARTS). MMA was not overloaded by the customs and inadequate techniques of conventional arts, carefully developed and also developed using on those techniques that were verified to be reliable in the ring. At least that’s what the UFC attention equipment would certainly like us to believe. Under closer examination nevertheless, the truth is rather different.

In Search of the Perfect Combat Martial Art

Machiavelli, that sustaining political thinker and also author, asked an essential concern. If you’re a leader of society, is it far better to be feared or liked? He equivocated a little, yet finally, he chose anxiety since it’s even more predictable and trustworthy, as well as much less unpredictable than love. A kindred question was asked by Plato in his well-known Dialogues: ” Does might make right?” If you lead a military and you believe that day is night, will you be right, since of the force of arms? The martial musician believes the contrary to be real: That best makes might. ” Humans go to their strongest when they believe they are right,” the Dad of Karate claimed, and Dr. Gary S. Goodman, very successful writer of 12 books and also greater than 700 write-ups, as well as Black Belt in Kenp Martial arts, agrees. sharifcrish. The founder of our fighting styles dojo liked informing a tale regarding a 98 pound coward in high institution that acted as an unwilling punching bag for the neighborhood harasses. Naturally, he ‘d be vocally bugged and after that intimidated by these toughs, and also I suppose, somewhere in the distance our founder might have also been shrinking, himself; that understands? Anyhow, someday the jerks teased this “runt” and also something in him snapped. He went absolutely nuts as well as began resisting! Turning wildly, yet relentlessly, he drove off his assaulters as well as he was left alone from that point ahead. Was there an additional way he could have dominated, a non-violent one, asks Dr. Gary S. Goodman, Black Belt in Kenpo Martial arts, finest selling author of 12 books, 700 write-ups, as well as leading keynote speaker.

A Martial Artist’s View of The Film: “Forrest Gump”

Long before I researched karate, I studied martial arts. And long after I’ve researched karate, in a formal dojo, I plan to examine karate by applying its principles to my life. The crucial to karate, as I see it, is your frame of mind. Attaining a Black Belt after 8 years of arduous method as well as formal direction might be your concept of what it requires a martial artist. I experienced this phase of research study, as well as it was extremely important. Yet it is just a stage. Gichin Funakoshi, the Daddy of Martial arts, left us with 20 principles for understanding this art. One of them says: Karate is a lifelong quest. I agree with him, says Dr. Gary S. Goodman, leading speaker, workshop producer, Ton of money 1000 consultant, and also Black Belt in Kenpo Kaate. sharifcrish. Learn to recognize how the road killer operates in order to shield on your own and your enjoyed ones. Controlling fear is the very first step in getting ready for a harmful globe.

The Myth of Mixed Martial Arts

The very first time I saw “Dead Man” was by large crash. I was network searching as it came on. The fact that it stars Johnny Depp in the title function, made it appealing, and he’s great in the movie. The initial series shows him as a guest on a train, arguably the best-dressed, or a minimum of one of the most formal. As the journey continues, the travelers alter from being family kinds to abrasive frontiersmen, that take a 2nd or two to raise the home windows and fire at stampeding buffalo. Depp is headed towards Machine, the end of the line; a one-company community, where he has actually been provided a task at the foundry as an accountant. Upon arrival, he gains from a crusty toady and also from the gun wielding manager himself, played menacingly enough by Robert Michum, that he’s far too late. According t Dr. Gary S. Goodman, top keynote speaker, seminar producer, and also Black Belt in Kenpo Martial arts, the vital concern that the film raises for the martial musician is: “What kind of life do we live when we consider ourselves already dead?” As well as, is it handy to martial musicians to believe of ourselves as dead, though we’re still breathing and also consuming and operating in this globe? sharifcrish. Initially glance, it would certainly appear that the only sensible method to successfully protecting yourself against a harmful assaulter is to discover as well as obtain actually excellent at karate or a few other type of physical self-defense. Besides, when you check out at what’s being offered, seen on TV or in the motion pictures, and also explained in the media, that’s all that can be seen. The reality is that, when it concerns truly knowing what protection is everything about – when it familiarizes what real survivors recognize – there are much more alternatives readily available to you than meets the eye. As a matter of fact, there is a whole world of non-combative self-defense tactics as well as strategies that can be thousands of times extra reliable than any arm-bar or knock-out punch.

Martial Artist Says: Right Makes Might!

When many people believe of self-defense, what typically enters your mind is protecting oneself from the physical attack from a criminal attacker. And also, while this is not, in itself, a trouble, it is nonetheless, just a tiny component of being able to be secure and also devoid of damage in Today’s frequently unsafe world.

Martial Artist Asks: Can We Devise A Nonviolent Martial Art?

Martial Artist Agrees: Karate Is A Life Long Pursuit

Fear Management

A Martial Artist’s View of The Film: “Dead Man”

Non-Combative Self-Defense

Self-Defense, Safety, and The 6 Keys to Effectiveness

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