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Phil Daru is the Head trainer for some of the top athletes in the world and creator of Daru Strong Training Systems and founder of Daru Strong Performance Center. Daru has degrees in sports medicine and exercise science from Alabama State University where he played division 1 football. Holding certifications with Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) Certified Functional Strength Coach (CFSC) Functional Range Movement Specialist (FRCms) and Kabuki Movement Specialist (NSCA-KMS).

Daru then began a career in MMA and turned professional at 21 years old where he then developed his own systems for training fighters. Daru has also competed in strongman, bodybuilding, and Bjj Gi and No Gi and currently competes in powerlifting. He has worked with well over 200 plus fighters including world champions like Joanna Jedrzejczyk, Dustin Poirier, Edson Barboza, Junior Dos Santos, Frankie Edgar, Tecia Torres, King Mo Lawal, Andrei Arlovski and many others. Coach Daru is a two time award winning Trainer of the Year for the Florida MMA Awards and Nominated for the Trainer of the Year for the World MMA Awards. He has been globally recognized for his contributions in combat sports performance and has traveled to over 10 countries teaching and mentoring. We want to welcome you to this channel and hope you enjoy the content!

Martial Artists Have To Reach For The Diamonds In The Dung

There is treasure to be located in fighting styles, yet it’s encrusted in some appealing horrible things, says Dr. Gary S. Goodman, sales, service & success instructor, as well as very successful author of 12 books and the audio program, “The Law of Multitudes: Exactly How To Make Success Inevitable,” published by Nightingale-Conant. According to this preferred keynote speaker and radio and also TV commentator, you have to devote to doing whatever it takes if you desire to get to the diamonds that can be found in your training.

A Martial Art Can Be Your Fountain Of Youth!

When my Father utilized to say, wistfully, “Youth is lost on the young,” I believed it was so much doubletalk. The adage assumes that young people only comes when in a life time, as well as while this is the widespread assumption, it’s wrong. You can be, and I daresay you ought to be young at every age, and it’s feasible if you train faithfully in the fighting styles.

The Ancient Art of The Samurai May be Just What a New Generation Needs

The brand-new generation of 8-18 year olds are digesting media at an enhancing price. This usage might be resulting in shorter interest spans as well as social withdrawal. Jujutsu, the old fighting style of the samurai, uses an option.

Martial Arts Training for Real Self-Defense: Making Sense of Chaos

I when had a talk with a student that explained the almost crazy notion that any person might assume that they can make use of a preset string of steps (referred to as a kata, pronounced kah-tah) to take care of something as chaotic as a fight.

True Martial Arts and the Job of a Warrior

The martial arts and the concept of self-protection is a lot more than plain punching as well as kicking, or the growth of ability with a tool. Equally as a martial musician or, in the grander feeling, a.

In the Ninja Warrior’s Martial Art of Ninjutsu – Practice Makes Perfect

In the ninja’s martial arts, equally as with whatever else in life, experience brings numerous advantages. The even more a person does something, the higher the level of self-confidence, understanding, as well as effectiveness they will have …

Success Secrets from the Martial Art of Ninjutsu

On the left lapel of every adult trainee below at Warrior Concepts, there is a spot birthing the Japanese kanji character ‘NIN.’ Although the kanji itself has 2 enunciations in Japanese, it is the initial Chinese definition of “willpower,” “to withstand,” or “to bear with” that we …

Leadership: The Cornerstone of Success in the Martial Arts and In Life

Leadership is just one of the most spoken about and least comprehended elements of human habits. There need to be numerous definitions of leadership, yet none works for success in life since none allows you to ‘develop’ leadership within your life.

Is All This Martial Arts Training Gear Necessary?

While this item was written directed at moms and dads of young people participants, adult trainees should maintain all of the relevant security factors in mind. Remember: Safety and security and alertness are not ‘points’ to do. They are continuous states of mind.

Martial Arts Instructors – Tips For Strong Retention

Pupils can go down out very swiftly if there classes are tedious, to establish skill pupils do require whole lots of repeating. It’s your job to make the learning process exciting and also enjoyable with variant. Be innovative have pupils collaborate with partners, on pads, in lines, circles and also dealing with the trainer, maintain things relocating …

Martial Arts and Self-Esteem

When the majority of people think of martial arts and also self-esteem, they possibly think regarding the advantages for kids. It holds true that kids do reveal boosted self esteem when they educate fighting styles, but it is additionally real that adults can experience the same effects. Training fighting styles can increase self-confidence in several ways for lots of people. sharifcrish. Among the most crucial qualities of any successful person is an attitude of complete commitment as well as enthusiasm of what it is that they are doing. They see their objective; they create a strategy for reaching it; and, the established regarding doing what is required to attain that objective.

ATTITUDE: “Failure is Not an Option!” – Keys to Martial Arts Mastery, Key #7

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