Manny Pacquiao Broke the Rules!

To celebrate Manny Pacquiao’s retirement, I’d like to share 3 high-level boxing strategies that he used to dismantle his opponents. We will focus on how he was able to develop such speed with his punches, different ways he cut angles, and used the southpaw advantage… to his advantage!

1. Rear-Hand Lead Punch (Scotty-Boy) (0:50)
2. 1-2-1 Variation (2:05)
3. Handcuff Punching (on one leg) (3:35)

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Martial Arts – How to Use Power Versus Power

Is it feasible to combat power with power? If you have a suitable power punch, how do you utilize it versus a challenger who likewise shows up to be as strong as an ox? Here are some “dos and also do n’ts” for use your power punch as a counter move or feedback method.

Best Martial Arts Tactic

Have you ever heard the expression, “Do not play your opponent’s video game?” This the post that will certainly aid you integrate this suggestions into your real protection scenarios. Find out the most effective method for any offered scenario.

Best Martial Arts Style – Think Tactic Instead of Style

Mistrust any design whose experts assert it’s the most effective. Unless, obviously, the very nature of the design is for you to head out and also discover various other systems and styles. As opposed to taking into consideration designs, concentrate on tactics as well as generalized concepts.

Martial Arts Endurance – How Much Do You Need in a Real Fight?

Martial musicians seeking to get a side with martial arts commonly wonder simply exactly how fit they have to be to be effective in a battle or self-defense situation. What if you are out of shape? Do not stress, remaining in shape is just one aspect of martial-arts mastery.

Train From the Heart

Fighting style and also life training. Putting your best shot onward to gain the best incentives via your efforts. Discovering that appropriate thoughts and best efforts will cause ideal outcomes.

UFC 76 Changes The UFC Light Heavyweight Landscape

Bear in mind when the UFC light heavyweight division had Chuck and Tito and a lot of pretenders? Those days are gone, Tito hardly rates top 10 in most peoples eyes and also Chuck has endured two losses straight. In the new members from Pride liable or is everyone else just capturing up?

Judocoach – Your First Throw

You’ve watched the judo course as well as seen many tosses and drops. Currently as you take your first lessons you fear to discover just how to throw your partner. Just how to discover your very first throwing methods!

Marital Arts are Not Just for Children

Many individuals come in contact with martial arts initially as youngsters, as well as it can be difficult for them to drink the sensation that fighting styles is just for kids. Nothing can be even more from the truth, nevertheless, and also as a grown-up, there are lots of benefits that you can get from tipping on the mat as well as having a going at something like kung fu, aikido or karate. Plenty of grownups benefit from fighting styles courses in their location and you will certainly locate that these courses have plenty to provide you.

Punch and Eye-Jab Improvement – 3 Ways to Practice

Just how do you exercise your eye jabs and also strikes? If you desire to boost your eye stabs, here are 3 means to approach your session.

Integrity – Honor – Discipline – Where Are They?

Pleasure principle and also it’s influence on Martial Arts training. Passing phase or significant impact to the foundation and future of Martial Arts?

What Is The Best Martial Art For Self Defense?

If you are wanting to find out self defense, go speak with the teachers as well as inquired straight just how much of their educational program is routed specifically to self-defense. Or else, you might well locate on your own investing a good deal of time on the various other aspects of martial arts that are not sensible for self defense. The actual inquiry is not always “What is the Finest Martial Art for Self Defense”? however what is the ideal option for me?

Martial Arts Beliefs That Hurt Your Progress – A Legend In Your Own Mind

Some martial artists are “legends in their very own minds.” Their idea system hinders their progression. Suppose you and I got with each other, as well as we exercised?

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