Minnesota Timberwolves vs Orlando Magic 11/1/21 Free NBA Pick and Prediction NBA Betting Tips

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But let’s get to this one between the timberwolves and the magic kind of two different stories here: the timberwolves, the team – that’s been drafting extremely high in the nba draft. In recent years got a few number one overalls on the roster and uh. Meanwhile the magic. This is a team that has some guys on the roster as well, but they were the team that kind of gutted it out last year decided to break it all the way down and they are in the process of trying to build it all the way up. The problem is well still a ton of injuries on this roster, just like they had a year ago, the magic just one and six to start the season.

Just two and five against the number. While the t wolves three and two on the season and two and three in the number we care about now Minnesota uh 20th, ranked in offense and sixth ranked defense, you know at the end of last season, i really thought we were finally seeing the timberwolves that Had you know all that kind of potential of all these guys that were drafted so high in the draft and that you know managed to stick in the league? Sometimes we see these guys get drafted high. They end up in the g league, but not really. These timberwolves guys just really bad luck in playing in minnesota, but they have deed up against the three, and i think that is the key phrase in the nba this season.

The teams that are having success are the teams that are playing defense against the three. I think everybody saw last year that the knicks went from zero to hero by having the number one ranked defense in the nba when it came to scoring this year. It just seems that teams want to get into that company. They don’t have to be number one overall, but man if you can defend that three. It goes a very long way.

The temples have had some disappointments and the magic have kind of played up in spots, but the magic 11-3 against the number in the last 14. In Minnesota, 18-7 against the number in the last 25 meetings of these two teams, i like the t-rolls, but i like the magic with the points in this one and that’s going to be my free pick. Of course, if you’re wondering which games i like the best, the ones i’m most confident or if you’re looking for best bets from some of the top handicappers in the world today, head on over to pickdogs.com click on the premium picks tab. And if you like, our youtube check out our premium youtube, just click on the link in the description of this video find out all about it.

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