New Jersey Devils vs Columbus Blue Jackets 10/31/21 NHL Free Pick, Free NHL Betting Tips

What’S up everyone, it’s chris and rod the puck dogs from rob we’re taking a look at this devils and blue jackets. Nhl matchup going down saturday, sorry sunday, october 31st, 2021 nhl action, man ron, i’m so excited for this game forgot. It was halloween. I couldn’t even get my days of the week right for me. I think we got in this one.

We got a lower scoring yeah game on our hands and this one is uh. You look. Both defense have been playing uh about middle of the pack, columbus 11th. 2.7 goals: the game, jersey, 18, three goals, a game um these offenses only scoring just a little bit under three goals, a game and that’s why this is set at six but uh.

I like the under here. You look at the blue jackets. They are eight two and two of their last 12 meetings to the under in jersey, so uh. These two teams like to play an under hard hitting style type game. That’S why i think we get here, give me the ender yeah i’m going to be on the under.

I like the value with the blue jackets as well. You know we used to say elvis has left the building. Well, elvis has left little doubt that uh probably going to try to fight for the vesna this season, playing fantastic lights out hockey and end goal for columbus to start the year in new jersey. On a back to back, i see there being some tired legs and i just see columbus a team. I expected to finish last in their division this year and they haven’t played like it early on so uh.

I i like the value with the blue jackets, as well as the ender in this one, but if you’re looking for best bets from rod myself, our puck dogs package or any of our other world-class handicappers check out pick dogs premium, also click the link in the Description below for our youtube vip package for more premium content, thanks for watching, don’t forget to subscribe and drop a like. Let’S catch, some winners.

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