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Bio –
Phil Daru is the Head trainer for some of the top athletes in the world and creator of Daru Strong Training Systems and founder of Daru Strong Performance Center. Daru has degrees in sports medicine and exercise science from Alabama State University where he played division 1 football. Holding certifications with Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) Certified Functional Strength Coach (CFSC) Functional Range Movement Specialist (FRCms) and Kabuki Movement Specialist (NSCA-KMS).

Daru then began a career in MMA and turned professional at 21 years old where he then developed his own systems for training fighters. Daru has also competed in strongman, bodybuilding, and Bjj Gi and No Gi and currently competes in powerlifting. He has worked with well over 200 plus fighters including world champions like Joanna Jedrzejczyk, Dustin Poirier, Edson Barboza, Junior Dos Santos, Frankie Edgar, Tecia Torres, King Mo Lawal, Andrei Arlovski and many others. Coach Daru is a two time award winning Trainer of the Year for the Florida MMA Awards and Nominated for the Trainer of the Year for the World MMA Awards. He has been globally recognized for his contributions in combat sports performance and has traveled to over 10 countries teaching and mentoring. We want to welcome you to this channel and hope you enjoy the content!

Judo’s Kesa Gatame in Brazilian Jiujitsu

Kesa Gatame is the Japanese name for a placement utilized in Judo that is additionally used in Brazilian Jiujitsu where it’s referred to as head and arm or the scarf hold. Several specialists of Brazilian jiujitsu criticize this placement as having a major imperfection because you are left prone to your challenger taking your back. This can be prevented if you beware and conscious regarding correct foot placement in addition to remaining well balanced and in control.

Real Shaolin Kung Fu, As it Happened in the Movies!

Suggestions of a lot of exceptional motion pictures. Movies that influenced a generation as well as motivated actual gung fu.

Spending Time at a Muay Thai Training Camp

If you are eagerly anticipating take place a physical fitness journey after that signing up with a Muay Thai training Camp in Phuket, Thailand would certainly be an excellent idea. Delight in an exhaustive training program in a lovely atmosphere and also get the experience of your life!

Choose the Right Muay Thai Training Program

Muay Thai is a tough fighting style type and a popular battle sport came from Thailand. Most Muay Thai hopefuls appreciate Phuket to get their training yet make blunder while choosing the ideal Muay Thai training program for themselves. Find the appropriate institution on your own before you begin kicking.

How to Fight Good and Stand Up to Those Street Thugs

Many individuals would certainly say, why ought to I need to understand how to deal with excellent, I don’t agree with fighting. Suppose a participant of your household was struck and you could not do anything to aid.

The Secret of All Champions

If there is one point that all champs have in typical it’s that they all strive to see enhancement with every training session they carry out. The truth is that most champions will have lots of points regarding their training and also personalities that they share in usual. However by much the most vital hidden factor in their commitment to being the finest is ensuring they never ever lose a single day of training without focusing on a certain objective or location they would improve.

The Chokes of Brazilian Jiujitsu

Everyone has actually become aware of the rear naked choke, guillotine choke and the triangular choke as these are a few of the most common entries likely to be seen however allow’s discuss some less typical chokes that are sure to make a difference in any individual’s game. The Cobra Choke; the submission variant of a half cobra, which is an immobilization that allows you to benefit an armlock, a triangular or the full cobra choke.

Martial Arts and Self Improvement

One of things that can contribute to your personal growth is using up fighting styles. It is extremely good for the body, mind as well as spirit. You learn things like balance, emphasis and self-control.

Most Important Thing to Know Before Training in MMA

MMA, or Mixed Martial Arts, is the current rage these days. It has actually become incredibly popular over the last 5 years, and also everybody wants to do it. Nonetheless, this is not an easy sporting activity or hobby.

Fight to Win Or Don’t Bother

To my humble means of believing everybody ought to take a self-defense course as part of a self-defense technique even beginning in grade institution. This course will not only teach you exactly how to win in a street battle but how to dominate against educated boxers and also karate professionals as well. Keep reading to find out more.

Self Defense – Why You Can’t Afford to Have Favorite Techniques

It seems that everybody I speak to who has also the tiniest amount of understanding about self defense or the fighting styles – has some kind of preferred strategy, strategy, or tool. As well as yet, the truth is that you will certainly need to have an extremely high degree – or good luck – to be able to use any kind of “favorite” skill in a real-world experience. This short article has to do with the reality that, it would certainly be an online wonder to locate on your own in just the appropriate circumstance, and also against just the right attacker – tossing the exact thing you require – to be able to utilize your “wonder drug.”

What Are Reality Based Martial Arts?

What are the elements that specify a fact based martial art? We explore the ideas that have actually resulted in the creation of this new type of fighting styles training, such as Krav Maga as well as various other types of close fight.

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