Philadelphia Flyers vs Arizona Coyotes 11/2/21 NHL Free Pick, Free NHL Betting Tips

Philadelphia flyers in Arizona, coyotes match up NHL action going down Tuesday, November 2nd 2021 and man. I don’t know when the coyotes are going to finally pick up that first win right. You never know when they’re going to pick up that first win but uh, i i don’t see them losing every game. This season um.

They gave Washington a fight and was one goal: game and uh. Yes, it took an empty netter uh, and to make it to nothing like there are many other games that they’ve they’ve looked like they might maybe break through and hold teams. Their defense is getting a little better um. So for me here, I’m looking, you look at the road team in this one, uh they’re five and two and the last seven between these two but uh. The thing for me here is uh.

The flyers off their west coast swing there. That was quite the little uh jaunt they had to do. They came in, they played Edmonton they over to Vancouver and then Vancouver back to Calgary got spanked by Calgary they’re gonna fly all the way to the east. Come back and uh play Arizona. Then yeah after your first back home off of a road trip and stuff.

So for me you know what i think the Arizona Coyotes are a good shot here. I’m going to take him at least on the plus one and a half I mean we’ll get a sprinkle of the coyotes, get their first win here, and uh. Surprise, everybody and uh gets themselves a win. Give me the Arizona coyotes here on the money line uh over the flyers in this one yeah i was, i was there with you. I was leaning towards the coyotes plus the one and a half just because, like you said, it’s a scheduling spot for the flyers.

It’S just a it’s you, you come back off, that’s a one-goal game anyway. It’S like yeah, you come back off of that west coast. Road trip – and the last thing you want to do – is have to go and suit up and play one of the worst teams in the league. It’S just it’s not something that’s easy to get up for and the flyers well, they just they haven’t, played like a minus 200 team, even against Arizona. So I looked towards plus one and a half.

I also look towards the unders. I think that’s the only way that Arizona really wins this game is if they keep uh, keep Philadelphia off the scoresheet, so give me Arizona, plus the one and a half and the the under in this one.

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