Taekwondo Footwork Trick for Closing Off Distance

Here is a subtle, but essential footwork pattern used in #TKD, that we are seeing utilized in #MMA to setup powerful punches, deceptive head kicks, and more explosive penetration shots for takedowns.

The position we will first look at is referred to as the “Cat Stance” or “Tiger Stance”, where we load our rear foot forward, bearing more weight than the front leg. From here we look at variations, such as the pendulum step, to cover distance and cut angles.

1. Cat Stance/Tiger Stance and Back Stance (1:11)
2. Powerful Double-Jab for #Boxing (2:39)
3. Rose Namajunas vs Zhang Weili Head Kick Setup (4:10)
4. Penetration Shot for Double-Leg Takedowns (5:19)

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