The Most Efficient Guard Passing Sequence For Small Guys by Guilherme Mendes

In this video the incredible Guilherme Mendes showed us the most efficient guard passing sequence for small guys. He was well know for being one of the most efficient guard passers in the history of BJJ.

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“Bernardo Faria is a 5x World Champion. Bernardo started training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Juiz de Fora – MG, Brazil at the age of 14 in 2001. After receiving the Black Belt from his first instructor Ricardo Marques in 2008, He moved to Sao Paulo to join BJJ legend Fabio Gurgel and his Alliance team. After many years of training and winning many major titles, Bernardo moved to NYC in 2013 to train and teach at Marcelo Garcia Academy. In 2015 Bernardo achieved his dream of winning the IBJJF World Championship Open class title and his division, doing the double Gold and becoming the 1st in the IBJJF Ranking and also chosen as the best athlete of 2015.

Bernardo Faria has now taken on the mission to share some of the lessons, techniques, experiences and more that he has learned along in his 16 years and counting as a BJJ student, teacher and world class competitor.

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Best Self Defense Weapons – Your Mind And Body

In the frustrating times we reside in, finding out self-defense abilities is more vital than ever before. The regrettable reality regarding the society we reside in is that there is an aspect of criminals, drug abuser and harmful individualities that can bring about you eventually remaining in a situation where your security and even your life may be in risk.

Best Self Defense Items – Your Body And Mind

Self protection is an incredibly crucial skill to discover in this day and also age. The depressing fact is that no issue where you live, what you do, what your ethnic background, age, sex or religious beliefs is, there is a greater than likely chance that day you will remain in a scenario where you might need to defend yourself from an attack by one more person.

Self Defense Items – Whats The Best Weapon To Wield In Self Defense?

It’s not a gun, and also it’s not a knife. Statistics have actually shown time and again in an assault circumstance, any weapon is most likely to be transformed versus you than benefit you in protection. So what are the very best weapons for protecting on your own and also your family members? The response is: Your Body and Mind.

Ninja Training

Right here’s what it requires to undergo ninja training. Three straightforward areas to cover for your ninja training to be total.

Are You Making This Deadly Mistake?

Blunders can take place daily. Essential choices can impact your security and also health. Discover not to slip up that might be a pricey one!

Self Defense for a Street Fight

The true examination of any type of martial art is exactly how well it holds up in a ruthless seamless gutter fight. Any kind of martial art can look amazing in martial arts institution, but few designs have what it takes to make a distinction in genuine combat.

Family Martial Arts

While there are a great deal of places motivating the entire family members to take component in fighting styles training, few offer self protection training for households. Considering that any individual can end up being a target the whole family ought to educate with each other and also discover just how to safeguard themselves as well as each various other.

Women’s Self Defense Techniques That You Can Apply to Your Life Now!

What every woman needs to understand … Learn just how to protect yourself, battle back and also feel risk-free. Take control of your life, never be a victim!

Rubber Guard – The Biggest Mistake I See Applying Rubber Guard

Its 6.30 am as well as my training partner Liam as well as I are at the fitness center. We’re training Judo holds, after that some randori prior to functioning ground. Whilst piercing Rubber Guard I pertained to the realisation that the greatest blunder individuals make with Rubber Guard is trying to pull their leg up high without the opposite foot uploaded strongly on the hip – why I truly don’t called Liam has a pretty mean Rubber Guard!

The History of Tai Chi

Tai Chi, as it is usually contacted the west, or Taijiquan, or Taiji Chuan, as it is additionally sometimes understood (specific translation from Chinese is hard due to the fact that the language is so different) traces its roots back to a Taoist master called Zhang San Feng (or Chang San Foong). After completing his kung fu training at the Shaolin temple Zhang San Feng took himself on a resort up the well-known Wudang hill to continue his Taoist quest for everlasting life. While there he experienced a battle in between a crane as well as a serpent.

Self Defense Lessons From Football

Every football season groups try to find out what can be done better, as well as how not to duplicate the same blunders. Put yourself in a life and also fatality situation now – you do not get an additional chance to assess what you did incorrect.

Powerful Staff Fighting Techniques

With all the numerous various and also often romanticized combating designs, personnel combating is a self-control that isn’t getting much focus. Simply switching on the TELEVISION and also skimming the channels will provide you a preference of almost any type of various other weapons-based martial art.

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