Winnipeg Jets vs Dallas Stars 11/2/21 NHL Free Pick, Free NHL Betting Tips

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What’S up, everyone is your two minutes in the box with chris and rod the puck dogs from robert take a look at this winnipeg jets and dallas stars. Nhl matchup action going down on tuesday november, 2nd 2021, and – and this is uh pretty much almost looks like a coin flip game on p or at least what the lion’s telling us winnipeg lane minus 130 at home yeah. I think this is going to be a close tight game um and for me, and this one so far you look. The dallas stars are 8-0 to the under their last eight games.


So, for me, it’s not broke, don’t fix it uh the way dallas stars play defense uh. I think they can hold this uh winnipeg offense down uh a few notches and uh we hit a lower scoring our fare in our hands in this one and uh. That’S three keeps rolling uh. I love the other in this one. So uh give me the under dallas jets low scoring affair in this one yeah, i’m with you right there on the under and, like rod, say, read the line off of my sheet.


If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. You know, i think uh the dallas stars. It’S the best way to keep themselves in these games is by playing defense and whether they win the game or not. They’Re, just not scoring out. So defense is really their only option.


In winnipeg, well, they have one of the better goalies in the league and connor hellebuyck. Should he start this game? And you know, i think it’s it’s just all about a tight physical game like rod said – and i think i think this one comes under five and a half with these. I could see it two one game, maybe three one or three two. Whichever way you slice it so give me the ender, but if you’re looking for best bets from rod myself, our puck dogs package or any of our other world class handicappers check out pickdog’s premium, also click the link in the description below for our youtube vip package.


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